Not beginner problems you know...

(Hirpo) #1

I have some questions. (funny, i have used blender frequently before 2.20 was made, still i need some help. This is probably because i don´t have many decent PDF- or HTML-manuals, or tutorials.)

  1. Can you make a realistic car-game without scripts? (you know, bouncing tires, properly rotating car, no weird flips…)
  2. Does mesh animation work in Gameblender? (without armatures)

Thanks! You have been a big help to me just by bothering to read this! (i´m not a beginner you know…)

(dreamsgate) #2
  1. don’t know
  2. go to file menu and choose Make Runtime, yes you need key
  4. depends on how well you can link logic bricks
  5. not that I know of

(wiseman303) #3

You can download blender documentation from the same place you got publisher. Why don’t you go check it out?

To answer your questions though:

  1. I haven’t tried, but 2.25 is supposed to support mp3.
    2-3. as dreamsgate said
  2. Depends on how realistic “realistc” is. You can make a very nice racing game with just logic bricks, and can fake more advanced features. If realistic means exactly-like-the-real-thing, then you will need lots of Python scripts.
  3. Not really, although I’ve seen people use the replace-mesh actuator to swap between a sequence of meshes to make an animation without armatures. If you know python, you can read in animation data and use it to set the position of individual vertices in a mesh, but that would be difficult, as well as slow.
  4. is a good resource. Also check through these forums for games that people have posted.

(iconjunky) #4


  1. Yes.
  2. Yep, pretty sure you need the liscence key, give a donation to the blender foundation to become a member. i think!
  4. Yep, i think so, python helps alot though.
  5. I found riggin the car with armatures then transform the mesh worked.

(Pooba) #5

For .mp3 go to the sound buttons and load the .mp3 as you would a normal wav. then use a sound acuator to play it in blender.

The license key can be downloaded at and then click downloads.