(Not) Changing Colors

Anyone having trouble animating color changes in 2.8? I have a couple of objects that need to change color. Just as I have before, I change the color and make sure there is a keyframe for it. I can see it in the dope sheet editor. However, as soon as I move the cursor in the timeline editor, it changes back to what it was before. I’ve tried over and over again to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Works fine for a simple test. You say you ‘make sure there is a keyframe for it’ but you don’t actually say that you create a keyframe, it is possible there is another kind of keyframe but not a color value keyframe.

maybe you keyframed the color previosuly to red, now you change the color to blue and see that there is a keyframe (Red) and assume it’s the color you have chosen, you need to copy over that keyframe by right clicking on the color and choose ‘insert keyframe’ beyond that post some screenshots, and a blend.

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Are you sure, your mouse hovered over the actual color field when pressing i?

Edit: This is how I do it. Watch the keys in the middle of the screen. (Don’t bother about the strange colors. It’a recorder bug.)

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Thank you very much, Photox for taking the time to share your experience with me in helping me with my problem.

I think I got it figured out. I DID make sure I was entering a key frame and I could see it in the timeline. To be honest, I’m not really sure what I did but I think it’s working ok.

HOWEVER, I am still having trouble with transparency. I want my “water” to be transparent, perhaps an alpha channel at around .5 or so. It’s not a fluid simulation, it’s merely a cylinder mesh that I made to represent water. In the last version that was all I needed to do to make it slightly transparent.

I’m too much of a noob for nodes. Would like to learn some day but no time for that now.

In accordance with a tutorial I saw online, I have made sure to check “alpha blend” for the Blend Mode.

In the display you can see the red “heating elements” in the water.

However, in the rendered image, the transparency is lost and you can’t see through the “water.”

Instead there are weird shadow reflections from the inside of the tank, or some sort of shadow of the water itself (the water is a cylinder mesh)

Thank you for reading and helping!

@chalybeum thank you for the video screen shot and taking the time to share your knowledge with me.

I got it figured out but I think it might have been “connected to another data block” or another material or something. Lots of clicking and not really sure of the process. Lots of trial and error and eventually getting something to work.

Hopefully I have it but these responses are very helpful. Thank you.

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Yeah, it can get quite confusing in more elobarate scenes.
Glad you got it working.

Edit: Wait, what did you mean with lots of clicking? My gif? I will gladly provide a slower one if that’s what you need.

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@chalybeum by clicking around, I meant within my Blender document. I have been missing with the material mostly because I feel like they get linked to old meshes that I deleted and somehow there’s an error in communication between them. The gif was at a perfect speed. I understood it completely and easily. I knew about that part so I could easily just follow along, but it was just fine. Perhaps the fact that the scene is more elaborate, as you mentioned, could be the issue.

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