Not "closing" the object


Im not a complete beginner at 3D modeling, but since I am working on a model with a limited triangle count, I must know how or if this affects the model in any crucial way.

Now, on the picture, I made a reference, so you can better understand what info I am looking for.

On the left is the part of the model that will be visible, on the right, the non visible. The box model in this case is opened on one side and my question is, will this affect my model any way.

I am doing this for the steam workshop and triangle counts are limited, thus am looking at this to method to save on triangles, since parts of the model wont be visible.

Thanks in advance =)

invisible? or non-existing? affect the object in what way?

where will you use it? from what angel will we be looking at the object, and do you want the hole to be there?

the question is not relevant, yes it will affect your object cause you will have a hole on one side, thats it.

the question is about the hole.
the hole will be in an area, which the user will not see it. will this affect th model in any negative way, as in render errors and such?

As long as you dont use any strange modifiers or wierd materials i see no reason for it to mess up. In 99% of cases the hole wont affect the render, however unless you are planning to have 10000 of those cubes i see no reason to have a hole there. Its not about having least posible faces, but keeping the polycount low, and adding the face wont add more vereses.