Not completely spheric

I’ve got some spheric meshes (UV spheres, smooth shaded), which render with strange edges.

They do not seem to be completely spheric. What is going wrong here? Any help?

Regards and thx for a quick answer.

just increase number of segments
or add a subsurf level 1 or 2


I think it’s all about the polycount, when sphere models are low poly, this become obvious

Try to add a subsurf modifier to the sphere (that will increase its polycount and additionally round it more), and the render problem should disappear

edit : oops, instaposted by RickyBlender :wink:

Wow…how quick the answers!!! Many thanks to both:). And thanks for the suggestions…I forgot about the subsurf…:spin:(lol:, I’ve been (-) out of Blender for a few months:eek:…haha)

(lol:, I’ve been (+) away from Blender for a few months:eek:…haha)

You might also try using a PolySphere, which is included with the Extra Object Addon. It looks spheric without the subsurf and smooth shading.

You can enable the Addon via:
File > User Preferences > Addons > Add Mesh > Add Mesh: Extra Objects

And then add a PolySphere via:
View 3D > Add > Mesh > Extra Objects > PolySphere