(not) Crashing the Game Engine

Ok, so I have this project that I have been working on for the past couple months, I’ve posted threads about it in the recent past so you may already be familiar with it. I have been modelling a realistic scale model of a grand piano, and was hoping to add some interactivity or at least animation to the project. I know how to use the game engine to virtually “play” the keys on the piano using the computer keyboard or mouse as a controller with IPO and sound actuators, but my model seems to be far too complex to use (I would post a .blend, but i do not have it on this machine). I would like to incorporate this effect, but it seems like even very simplified models still crash the program when i try to use the game engine with them. I understand that it might be tricky since the piano has 88 individual keys/objects, but I have seen much more complex projects built using the game engine. Any suggestions on how to make a model more compatible with GE, or any other ways I could get the same result?

Any input is appreciated…Thanks!

which version are you using?

I’m using 2.42a

anything output to the script window?

not that i know of… The program freezes up entirely so I can’t do anything with it (ESC doesn’t help)

Hmm… It could be anything. Hard to tell.

Post the .blend.

Are you using the blender materials option? That crashes my game most of the time.

need the .blend if I’m gonna be able to find anything

also what cpu/gfx are you using

All set now, I was using the blender materials options so I’m sure that didn’t help… Thanks all