Not fixed hydraulic ram rig

I have tried on this rig adding drivers to the piston using the bone rotation but the location of the piston is not consistent as the lever rounds the arc.( the rotation is consistent but the piston location is not and keep moving as i need it to slow).
I have before with success track to or locked track and that is what is on this rig but it does not keep up, If the movement is slow it will go to every pose correct but if the movement is quick it can keep up. (Move blender units per frame). In 3d view no problem but now it is a render problem and showed up in a animation.
Is there a fixable reason for the track to problem?
Is there a better way to rig this?

spider leg for post.blend (523 KB)

I animated it using your “bone” target. The rig seems to be working fine for single leg rig in the file posted. But then you have 2 legs in your image. The second leg, is it a copy? How is rig associated with each other?

I just made it a smaller file to post all legs are the same. I just found a way that works fine. You said "It worked fine " humm? It is so strange if I move the time line slow it works in 3d if it goes fast it will not work ( for me). Could it be my computer. When i animate it and if I move the leg slow it will work but if I move the leg fast it will not work.
Any way thanks for looking I have it working now…
I think the track to’s are looking at each other and there is a loop when one tracks the other needs to correct thus causing the first track to be incorrect then it need to re track.

Yes, you have an indirect loop in the tracking of each piston-rod pair. I’d use IK for the job instead instead, as in the second half of my piston rig tutorial. A single armature will do the whole thing, and you can get rid of most of the guiding empties you have lying around.

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Nothing I try works. This way of rigging I have used before the only difference is the base bone has a track to on the IK pole target. The 4 inner legs closet to parallel with the x word axis (not rotated in object mode) work the best.
There goes the whole day. I had more done yesterday when I thought it was working.

Ill look at that tutorial
The new one only has one track to and the piston is parented to the ram and the other end has a limit distance and that pulls out the piston. It works on another rig that does not have a extra track 2.
Edit Track to does not stay on target, Ik target does not stay on target. stretch to stays on target like in CG cookie tutorial rigging a scoop or backhoe I forget what it is called).