Not fully got the hang of UV Mapping

Any tips as to what I amdoing wrong here ?

I have a vehicle model, I created one wheel, then duplicated (shift D) 3 times, moved all 4 wheels to a seperate layer and then parented them to the main body. This seemed all ok and worked as expected

But when I try to UV map the entire vehicle I cannot get the wheels to show up in UV map with the main body mesh.

Was I wrong to move the wheels to a separate layer or is it maybe the fact they are parented to the main body what is causing the problem ?

Thanks for any help


As far as i know uv maping works per object/mesh , in that case as your as parenting your wheels to the body they are are seperate objects/meshes so will have seperate uv maps. To have them in the same uv map i think you would have to join the mesh objects into one mesh (ctrl j)

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In 4 minutes, you’ll be fluent with UVmapping.

UVmapping is “per object”, or individual mesh.

like hazza said, when you parent a object to another object they are still seperate objects and wont show when you get prepared for uv mapping.

what i have found is, aslong as none of the objects have a material then you join them with ctrl-J then you have one mapable object…

but we are talking about tires, you dont want to join your tires with your car.

Thanks for the tips guys, for some reason I was incorrectly thinking that because my objects were parented they should be treated as one object and hence one mesh.
Cntrl J did the trick

Thanks for the link Spin, but I had already figured out the basics of UV mapping from an excellent Coke Can Tut :smiley:

Regards Geoff