Not getting any views on posts, are they just bad?

Anyone know why my posts aren’t getting any views?
Are they just bad or am i doing sth wrong?

To be honest sometimes there are so many new postings in finished projects so that i’m just make a quick look, pick one or two (or none) and just click dismiss new… and it seems to be i just overlooked:

  • Low Poly esque Train
  • Lonely Cabin
  • Tiny Halloween

i’m not sure if i would have answered on this… okay after i looked at them i will do one or two :wink:

Thanks for the reply, however im not sure i understand your last sentence. xd

You will be soon… after reading my other reply on Halloween Planet.

Hey…Just keep trying!
Post in the Help WIP Critiques Needed…or something like that…
I have several and trust me I kinda felt the same way…I have 1 or 2 Likes…maybe even a comment like Looks OK… When something I consider not even worth my time gets a million looks and rave reviews? Go figure…

OK…I viewed your portfolio…
I have to agree with @Okidoki … very technique orientated… You have some fine details going on in there, but the overall composition is blah…Meaning straight on and a bit boring to look at…look into the Rule of Thirds, or Golden Sections to help in your compositions…Quality is there and quite nice…just learn the ways to present it better!
Keep on Blending!!

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Took a look at your work.

I wouldn’t say bad, just dull. Your colors are very dark and washed out.

Well i always make kinda sad stuff, or grim so dull colours is a bit of a contribution. I also try to mainly do stuff realistically so that might also inhibit my ability to see it.

In the cabin render i actually kept the golden ratio in mind and even positioned the camera and stuff accoring to it. The emptiness of that particular scene was actually something the person who commitioned it wanted.

Other works like the globe and train were from a weekly challenge on Blender52 so i was just glad to get the time to do it, but thanks for the feedback i will be sure to keep it in mind for further projects. Expect WIP photos of those then xd.

You should take a look at Dark Souls, it’s a very dark video games but some bright colors contribute to the dark theme.


I’ve been posting on here for 10 years, and I’m damn lucky if I get a single comment.

It’s just the way it do be, sometimes. There are lots of people here, and lots of new posts each day, and sometimes your artwork just gets lost and overlooked. It’s not a slight on you, so don’t take it too personally if you can.

That being said, try and post your artwork in multiple places if you can. Artstation, Blender Reddit, Instagram etc…You’ll get more attention and interaction if you cast your net a little wider.


Yeah on my instagram it usually gets at some
recognition, but i should probably start posting to Artstation, its just… i already have so much shit to do so its hard to even find time to post things.

Good point