Not Getting Enough Realism....

The biggest problem that I have faced in the blender game engine which probably must have been solved by all you geeks out there is as follows:
I have recently tried to make a character based game when I found that the main character can run well, jump, turn and do all such sorts of things. But, when it tries to interact with some other object in the scene, parts of the main character simply go through the other objects. ANY SUGGESTIONS?:confused:

I don’t know what kind of bounds you’re using, but you should make your bounds be roughly the same size as your character. I like to use a sort of elongated cube with a point on the bottom, with physics set to Convex Hull Polytope.

Ah yes, “armature” type collision bounds. While I have no clue how to do it (since you can’t even use getBone()), I do know how it would work: each bone would have box bounds (or something) and be constrained together, and they wouldn’t register collisions with themselves. Would cause instability in walk cycles though.

I think the pro’s really carefully animate the object’s movement to coordinate with the actor’s so as to minimize this. look at any commercial game, like Tomb Raider, and you can see when she picks up an object, there is a slight mismatch there so as to minimize it from the game camera angle.When the pickup action starts, the object moves on its own IPO, not the result of any physics.