Not getting option to Import POD in blender


I am using Blender 2.65a. I have exported a POD file from 3ds Max. I am trying to import POD in blender. From the “User Preferences” I enabled option called “Import-Export PVRGeoPOD”, but i am not seeing any option in blender to Import POD. It is showing only Export POD. Could someone guide me, what is missing here? Why am i not getting Import POD in blender?

This is from the developer’s homepage:
“PVRGeoPOD is a collection of tools that allow users to export their 3D scenes and associated geometry data into the light-weight, optimized PowerVR Object Data (POD) deployment format.”

Seems this addon is export only by design. If you want to interchange data between Max and Blender, there are other alternatives.

Hi IkariShinji,

I have problem interchanging data. I have an animated humanoid model. When I import this model from 3ds max to Blender, it does not get the complete animated model in blender, lot of animation missed when importing. I tried importing .3ds, .dae, .OBJ, all are loosing animations and sometimes mesh parts while importing into Blender. Could you please advise me What is the best way to import 3ds animated human model into blender without loosing animation, mesh etc. ?