Not got Loadsamoney

This wasn’t intended to be a project, but it’s growing. I was just playing with messing up textures to give them a worn, used, dirty look.

And yeah, I know the lamp isn’t plugged in - not got around to that, yet :slight_smile:

Gonna see where it takes me.

Looks like a good start to a scene. Texturing is something with which I have very little practice. If I can offer a critique, there seem to be some scale issues. Mainly, the couch is too small compared to the chairs and everything seems at least a little too small for the room (based on the baseboard and the wall and carpet textures). I think adjusting the scale will make a huge impact.

Thanks for your comments. I’d noticed the couch was too small myself, and I forgot to put cushions on it for the sheet to drop on to :slight_smile:

I wasn’t happy with the baseboard, period, and so have re-done it.

I’ve rescaled the whole thing. It was huge, and added some assets.

EDIT: Just noticed I deleted the lamp. :slight_smile: Thank goodness I had it backed up.

EDIT2: There you go. Lamp back in place.

Latest test. Guess I’m gonna have to up the samples at the end. It’s very noisy (fireflies) during render, and whilst denoising clears a lot up, there are some still there.

That looks much better. I like the additions, too. I hate to be picky, but things still seem a bit small to me. I think the baseboard and carpet texture still need to be scaled down just a little. Sorry- I know you didn’t ask.

I’ve adjusted the carpet texture.Currently trying to get the detritus left on the plates looking right. Also started with the initial light set up to give it more depth.

And I may drop the baseboard down a little to give it less height now that the depth is better.

Slowly onwards :slight_smile:

There you go, latest update before I head off to the pub :slight_smile:

Looking good. I like the improvements.

It looks great. However, the sofa doesn’t look right. Maybe it needs a sharper edge where the back pillows meets the sitting pillows?

Thanks both. I wasn’t going to post an update until I’d made more progress with additional assets, but since you mention the sofa specifically…

I’d had the same thought, and it’s not the sofa specifically that was wrong, but the way he cloth simulation had draped the sheet. I re did it with a triangulated mesh and a heavier but softer preset and a little pinning that I hadn’t done on the original. I also added a couple of animated sphere with collision to act as proxy butts, helping to shape the drape more to how it would look after being sat on. This took most of my Blender playtime yesterday morning before I was happy with it, hence the lack of other progress.

As a side effect, I’ve now been able to delete the actual sofa underneath, reducing filesize. I used a model from a previous project which was itself pretty high poly.

The sofa looks much better now. Big improvement.

I’m pleased that you think so. I was going to post what may be close to a final render, with all the new stuff to fill it out. Upped the size to 1920x1080, upped the samples to 1000 (should be enough), and left it rendering whilst I went out. Got home, and done, looked sweet (as much as I saw).

Whilst out, I purchased a Raspberry Pi 3 from CeX, and decided to see first boot. I may have bought a dud, but that’s by the by. Whilst attempting to get it working, I rebooted my main PC, and realised after the reboot, I hadn’t saved the image :frowning:

So you will have to wait until tomorrow. Sorry.

OK, first full render test. I’m surprised at the number of fireflies, even with denoising, though the render took a lot less time than expected, so I can probably up the samples and, if needed, add clamping. I don’t usually like clamping since it can destroy reflections, glass and caustics, but not really an issue in this scene.

I’ve already fixed the “way to bright” tobacco tin lid, and still have some tweaking, but almost ready for a final render and post work.