Not happy with textures

Can anyone please give assistance in getting better texturing on this door? It’s supposed to look aged and water damaged, and the bars corroded, but I am just not getting the results I would expect in the render… The base textures themselves aren’t great, but its just not working.

I am trying a different technique than previous works, so I can’t copy paste old node configs.

Thanks in advance


Door.blend (6.86 MB)

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You should mix glossy node to get the normal maps showing, also your normal map is set to 0 and you will need a proper light to show the normals (the light have issues as you tried to project an image with it?)
you used displacement modifier and didn’t really put anything to it.

on the bars, I couldn’t see because you didn’t pack the texture to the blender file, but in general, i think you should watch some more tutorials about how to create materials in cycles, it will give you better skills and more ideas for your next work. - scratched metal tutorial - rust in blender - grungy metal material - gold in blender - photorealistic PBR in blender

I think these tutorials will help you to better understand how to build materials in blender cycles.