not important


i think i will leave. maybe a while, maybe longer. i just do not see any more reason for it. this talk does not change anything, except the phone bill maybe.

it is no fun for me to blabber shit, when i am going downhill all the time. i expect the crash til christmas.

i have ideas for the weekend challenge, for the contests, for tons logo and two dozen independant projects and i always end up being nearly petrified and unable to move. enough disappointments, because there are more and bigger to come.

they constantly ring the bell and pavlow´s dog keeps dripping. reason fails to compensate an early broken back

i am tired

i better shut up now


I don’t understand. what happened? you sound pretty down.

If you depressed get over it, if your down get up again. Whining or saying anything won’t help, every single thing you do is up to you. I used to be down all the time then I thought about it and realized the only thing I was doing was making something worse than it really was. Maybe a little harsh but if your having problems with something, get over it.

If I’m on my assumption that your down mentally then save my message for a later date and use when needed. If not clarify if you can, unless you just have bad English skills.

I can relate to how you feel. Sometimes, I just spend too much time in front of a computer, the TV, or too much time with brain washed and ignorant people that irritate and frustrate me. As someone who is approaching 40 years of age; I am experienced enough to realize that when I feel discouraged, it is because I need a change of scenery and perception on life. As a solution, I unplug myself from my electronic leash, and I go take long hikes in the woods or by the river and breathe the relatively fresh Northern Canadian air. The smell of balsam poplar and black spruce makes me forget all the nonsense that annoys me.

I was walking by the river one time, and I saw a bald Eagle hovering over a field searching for voles. When I explore in the woods, I realize that we part of something bigger than ourselves, and that the artificial social world that we pretend to be real is merely a social construct which is so pretentious, insignificant, superficial, and irrelevant. I think you might be too intelligent for your surroundings, and you might feel better if you got away from it for a while; however, come back soon and tell us about your adventures or the inspiration you got for your next project.

Hello haunt_house!!! :frowning:

I am really sorry to hear that :frowning:

Could you please reconsider? I mean, things can’t be so bad… and even if you reached bottom, you must know that there’s only one way:

UP!!! :smiley: .

Anyway… whatever you decide…


Well, I got to know you a little bit HH, and If I may say, go fall in love!!! It will do you good!!! Go out this weekend and find someone and just start to talk, or go out with friends and start listing the things you like.

Fall in love with someone or something. Your car, your guitar, a puppy, it doesn’t matter, but when you love things, you will find happiness.

I have a very dear friend in Germany, he once told me, “Ingrid, you say you love Everything! You love your car, you love your dog, you love this you love that, it makes the word cheap!!” I asked him, do you love anything? and he said “No!” I said, but you love your Mom and Dad?, and he said “no, nothing is worthy of my love yet!”

How sad, he sounds a lot like you do sometimes (I don’t know if you are truly of the same opinion, but it wouldn’t surprise me)

It’s hard for people to believe, but love Bequeaths love. Just as hate builds hate. There is absolutely no end to the depths of love you can achieve, and the more you allow yourself to give, the more that comes back. Sure, you can get hurt, but I’d rather go chasing after that wonderful feeling of love and happiness, than dwell in hate and dispair.

Now actually, I don’t know you that well, it’s just that you reminded me of this friend. Please don’t hate me for this comment, I only wanted to help. It may not even be what you need, but just in case??? :-?

Love ya, hee hee hee, Ingie :smiley:

wrong assumption, but appreciated

ingie, that’s beautiful :stuck_out_tongue:

Ingie, I am usually very hesitating, when it comes to hating something. A post from a stranger is therefore far from being endangered.

When it comes to love, I do not have the problems you assume. I usually get problems through peoples mistrust which prevents them from accepting my love, but that is all.

Lets face my situation. I am talented. Very and highly talented in many ways. But I have been trained to be a loser. I almost believe that myself. A solution would be an environment, where I can develop my talents, but there isn´t any (it is more the opposite, that is provided). I´ve grown very weak through the years and so I prove people right, when they think of me as a loser. Devil’s circle. Today, my life contains not much dignity anymore and it pains.

You cannot treat a person wrong for two decades and think that there will be no damage. There is much damage. And I have problems to repair that.

There is an easy solution to my problems. (speaking to all of you)

Work together with me. Find out, what I am capable of. If you think I am bousting, then prove me wrong. DO NOT JUST ASSUME!

I know, that the only blender work of mine is a crap angel in the ‘air’ weekend challenge. Not too bad for just two hours of modelling, but shit, when you regard that I had four full days. I admit that the quality of my work depends on my environment. If I have to work for myself, without any other reason, I am weak. Pavlow´s dog is dripping then, because people constantly ring the bell. If I have a more acceptable goal, I can be frightening. promised :o

And I am talking here to the more ambitious people here. To those who have a damn high demand on their work.

A professional Blender trailer would just be right.

I have high demands and high skills. But that means nothing as long as I do not have the strength to pull it through all by myself. So if there are skilled people giving it a try, you are welcomed.

When I say skilled, I do not mean blender. Blender is no problem. Everyone can learn that. I need people who are demanding, when it comes to plots, design, anatomy, detail, and animation.

So someone produce something valuable with me.

Come on!

But don´t forget to bring your demanding attitude along!

not a beautiful post Joe, sorry, but my life isn´t beautyful either. It is humiliating and careless.


Hello haunt_house!!! :smiley:

I think that you are misjudging your self. I may not know you well, but I say that you have nothing to feel weak or guilty or depressed of…

And even if the whole world says you are a loser… well, the hell with them. You are not a loser as long as you don’t end up to believe it for yourself.

Pavlow’s dog maybe dripping, so lets kill the damned dog… I want to join you… if you want me!!! I may not be much talented myself, but I think I feel the same eager desire, to express my self.

Please let me help… you know where to find me…


does anybody else experience this forum to be addictive? :-?

hic hic
no sirrreeeeeee
I dun’t conseeder dis frorum de leshic bit adicahic tiv
hic hic


Yes, indeed, somehow.

Can’t give you a solution to your problems. How should I ?
Just, keep on going. It helps, that are my experiences. (stupid phrase, won’t help now, but is the truth.)

BTW: Had a look on your angel, you should definitely post more.
Might be that it isn’t sufficient for your demands, but for me its impressive for a 2 h work and it has mood. Not to win a contest has seldom somthing to do with the quality of a work. Maybe the voters don’t like angels, but is this a reason not make them ? Other example, winning image of the last weekendchallange shows a guy in the ass of an elephant (thats funny), Zweisteins entry definetly has the best mood but he did get only 1 vote (might be that he is very dissapointed, by right).


I cant stand it I need someone to work with in Blender! I need team motivation!

a blender game–cg animation–anything

Haunt_House If you are talented and want to work with me on a project anything please email at [email protected] (I have high standerds)
(sigh…) :frowning: