Not infinite length of hair

This is my first character on Blender Artists, I entirely made the girl, but the environment is an HDR.

I’m speechless now.


First character just on Blender Artists or first character overall? Either way, the overall shape of her face and body look really good, and I also really like the flowers as well. Can’t wait to see how much more you improve with your next character.

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Thanks, I’m not satisfied with this model, I will re-create a whole new model with bigger cute eyes, it’s not about wasting time, it’s about “Experience and having a perfect model” because it’s a hobby. I know big eyes are not realistic but imagine we are in another universe where big eyes are possible, I’ve already had a dream like that.

When I sculpted the face, it looks cute but when I add sunlight, it becomes not that cute. Next time, I will sculpt with different direction of light at the same time, that’s why I love Blender 2.80 Eevee.

It’s my first character with Blender.

That’s fair. Though, I’d say that the “perfect model” is really subjective. Sure, there are certain definitions of what makes a great model, but ultimately I think it comes down to not only what looks good to other people but also what looks good to you (especially if it’s a stylized character). I’ve made quite a few characters, none of which I would consider perfect at all. Even after I finish a character, I might come back to them later and start changing things I don’t like. You’ll definitely improve the more you keep working on characters, so it’s completely fine to not be satisfied with what you have now. At least you have an idea of what you want to improve next.
If you want critique (assuming I’m qualified to give any), maybe try adjusting the lighting so that it isn’t hitting her face and body directly. As of now, it looks a bit flat because of this and makes the light look a little unnatural; sort of like there’s a big studio light in front of her. Honestly, the sculpting of her face doesn’t really seem to be much of the problem in this render. Working a bit more on her skin complexion may help, such as adding more blush, maybe some freckles, or darkening/lightening parts of her skin to give more contrast. Other than that, lighting is definitely an important thing because it can completely change your render depending on how it’s set up. Maybe play around with the lighting in this scene a bit more to see where it takes you.


Thanks, it’s difficult to be satisfied with my art. I’m really STUCK at my modeling, the eyes look very weird, they look like fetus eyes, does anyone can help me, how to make anime eyes? If I will never have a perfect model then I will never publish it, and I will never finish it and don’t save it as an art in my folder "D:\Pictures\ ", because I cannot look at my bad arts ever. So please help me to make a perfect model. Anyone?

Let me explain the result below, the Step 1 is a sculpting, but I cannot make the eyes to be perfect then I take the model in this Thread (the girl with long hair), and scale down the nose, scale up the eyes, then I got the Step 2, and with the Step 3 I got the textures and normal map from the girl with long hair. I want to say that Step 1 and Step 2 are completely different things, the Step 2 is a restarted from beginning, just adjusting the eyes and noses locations and scales, but I still got a bad result. Also, it doesn’t look like a 100% female.

It’s a little difficult for me to say what exactly you should do to improve. If you want to do stylized characters, same as with realistic characters, you’re going to need reference images. I’ve seen some amazing stylized 3D characters on Blender Artists that were based on the designs of other 2D artists. I’d say look around on Artstation or some other art website to find 2D or even 3D art of the sorts of characters you want to make and create a sort of collage of references. Then you can use those as inspiration as you figure out the sort of style you want. And if you do make a 3D replica of someone else’s 2D character, don’t forget to check if it’s okay with them and credit them if you publish it.

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2D replica of someone else’s 2D character sounds so good, but how did they do to have such amazing imagination? But their arts maybe subject to copyright, and even if they are free image, I’m still not sure if I can replicate them, do you know? Because most of the 2D arts are “Free to download” by it’s title, like “Free Wallpapers”.

It happen to me that I want to remake my dreams, because the feeling of the dreams are amazing, I love those dreams that I’m remembering so much. And if I replicate dreams, there is never a copyright.

I almost finish the eyes of my character. The background hair you see below is a 2D wallpaper by someone else, I use it to test my character with the hair, and it’s amazing. But the eyelashes are not perfect yet, and there is no eyebrows yet. The thing below is not about replicating, it’s just about adjusting the scales and locations of the eyes, the mouth and the nose with the 2D wallpaper.

Now you understand why I hate my previous art, because it’s far from perfect.

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