Not just another crappy website, one you'll actually like!

I’ve spent a long time developing this website and am very proud to present what I’ve got so far (I’m almost done!) I’d love to hear what you guys and girls think about it, and please tell me if you see any problems. The error 404 redirection doesn’t seem to be working yet. Enough talking, click now!

There’s some good stuff there but I think it’s buried under too many pretty pictures of monkeys.

wow! I like it a lot. Everything runs smooth and in spite of the intense color contrast you have managed to keep everything very comfortable and very much alive.

  1. You lied in your Topic Title
  2. Tooo many damn monkeys

Cool site, everything works as you’d expect. Only thing that bothers me is that the projects open in another window. Cool stuff! You can’t have enough monkeys :wink:

So let’s see, we have two strikes against the monkeys and one for them. It seems to be the topic of discussion. Anything else about the site displeasing, confusing, or worth commenting on? The website is much more than a place to show blender work (I really don’t blend that much, although I wish I could) it’s more of a place for me to express my ideas and likings. So if you expected another hardcore, single sided gallery (absolutely nothing wrong with that though), I can see how you would be a bit disappointed.