Not keeping my UV textures?

I’ve had millions of problems thanks to Blender errors since day one, but none quite as bad as this one.

My textures are haywire.

I can texture something perfectly and export it perfectly and exactly the way I want it, but when I import the mesh back into belnder (I’m using The Movies .MSH because I need it for The Movies), the textures are corrupt and haven’t stayed as I set them, instead they just go all over the place.
I sent it to someone else to export it for me, and they said it was fine, so it must be just my Blender as I’ve done this before millions of times with no problems (it’s just doing this out of the blue), but from here I don’t know what to do and I’m going crazy with this thing.

It perfectly exports as this…

And when I import it back in, it ends up like this:

Any help will be greatly appreciated, because this is driving me bananas and I desperately need to get this working. :spin: