not much more than gus, rig exercise

Since I don´t have exam projects to work on, I decided to revisit some messy and uncontrolled areas. I made a little guy from subsurfed cubes just as a crash test dummy and smacked it around a bit in sculpt mode to get the symmetry out of it. Now trying to rig him. He (she?) is little more than a gus but with the difference that i am trying to do all without a tut-crutch and looking up stuff in the manual when I get stuck.

I also tried to look at pepeland leg rig and could not make head nor tail of it so I returned to the rigs described in the manual, sortof.

This is what I have so far.

The doodle:
The 3D doodle:
Current Armature screenshot:

i like the styleised look on that one! :slight_smile:
now it walks eventhough with a limp and a hesitation and slippery feet. finally figured out the offset bone and path.

do a bit preciss walk and pretty nice result, i like style too