Not my kind of sushi

Here we go again, it’s Halloween in a few days, and I can’t let it go without making a proper illustration.

This year we’ll follow a tough knight and her horse going to explore a spooky castle. But the path isn’t safe at all, and a kraken like creature is seeking for food.
Be brave young knight, and slash tentacles for your life. You’ll may have so many demon’s meat at the end, that you’ll may open a sushi restaurant in hell.

Classic process:
Base 3D render in Blender
Then post work in Photoshop

Alternate version more in adequation with the title :wink:

Base render out of Eevee:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks a lot @bartv , hope you had a great Halloween by the way.

Wish you a wonderful weekend :wink:

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