Not Ordinary Balloons

This is my first ever completed animation in Blender so I’m quite chuffed to have finished it :slight_smile:

Please take a look, criticisms welcomed. I hope you like.

“…I was laughing Skweeky” :stuck_out_tongue:
hah, an animation that made me smile. :slight_smile:
maybe some more expression on the face since that’s the focused part,
but the combination of the hand and head movement was very well done.

Keep goin’ like that and you’ll finish fantastic work soon :wink:


You done a good job, just keep it up.Very soon you’ll post up your best stuff.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’m glad you liked him.

I’m going to move onto a new character now, spend a bit more time modelling and try and increase the amount of expressions and details.

I really like this,

What method did you use to rig the character mesh to the armature? im trying to make animations like this, but mine always get really messy around the joints.

Hi Tedcase. Thanks! I just used the default bone heat method and kept the mesh really simple. Plus I was a bit sneaky/lucky and kept complex twisty movements to a minimum.