Not possible to edit materials from an appended object?

Hi guys,

I’ve appended a file ( from a chair ) and used it in another blend-file. Everything came along nicely, but, I can’t edit the materials of the appended object anymore. Everything in the node editor is greyed out.

How can I fix this?

Most likely you didn’t append it, but linked it. Select the object, hit L and choose ‘Selected Objects, data, and materials’

Weird? I used “append” from the file menu. But I sure will give it a try! Thanks a lot!

They are right next to each other in the menu, and they both do very nearly the same thing. Blender sometimes has a lag problem, especially in big scenes (or slower computers), where the mouse cursor position is stale. When you get huge scenes, you sometimes have to the blender wait dance where you move the mouse, wait, click a menu, wait, move the mouse, wait, click a button, wait…