"Not really dead nature"

Today for supper we have genetically modified fruits :slight_smile:
Project made just for relax.
Modelled and rendered in blender. Caustic layer rendered in yafray.
Posprocessing in Gimp.

Really nice image. Looks very painted instead of a CG image.

No crits from me at all.


I especially like what you did with the metal material on the cup and candle. Very realistic!

thats very good, i like it, it looks like a photo (if it didn’t have that (correct me if i’m wrong, but what looks like) eyeball fruit :wink: )

very good

Don’t eat the navigator necklace, Guybrush!

Seriouly, really good work. No crits from me.

the only thing that bothers me is the curtin(i dont know how to spell that). it looks fake compared tho the othger stuff…which is really good.

WOW Great render!

Curtains need work and the eyeballs might be better with more variation. Otherwise, gorgeous!

very nice job!

I really like it, keep up the good work!


That’s very good. It almost looks like a painting, if you know what I mean. Something on a greeting card. I don’t have any real crits, because I don’t know how realistic you are trying to get this, but to me, it is a finished piece.

Now take a look at your artwork. A true artist is never 100% satisified (or finished), but you must admit, what you do is better than the average joe on the street can do, and is certainly acceptable to most too. What you created, as a hobby, is better than what others do as a career.

It’s a good render but the other fruit looks a bit too plastic other than that great job

wow really nice, unless those grapes are all connected, it looks like a lot of them are not supported and would just fall (from the top of pile)
and the curtan sticks out as bleh

I agree with venom’s and Spin’s opinions. Your workshop is really great and becomes your known individual style.

I wonder what you could do with tools that give more effectivity than blender and yafray…

Wow, great work. As BgDM said, looks like it isn’t cg at all, I agree with that. Looks great man :D.

I also have to agree with what Spin said.

yummy fruit! =-D love it!

BurtS: riiiiiiiiiiight %|

It looks great. I especially like the lighting. Great job. No crits.

great artwork like this should be posted on CGTalk for sure!

Thanks for comments.
It’s posted to cgtalk already.