Not recommended to use Area Lights?


In this optimization page in blender documentation, it says
“Avoid use of Area lights.”

Does anyone know why? I can’t find any details on the matter.


That is a section on the old blender internal renderer. The area lights in that renderer are much hackier than in cycles or Eevee.

Feel free to use area lights in either of those modern render engines.

Gotcha. Thanks @SterlingRoth for the confirmation.

I would go further and say “Use area lights where possible instead of relying on emission geometry”. Area lamps (lamp objects in general) clean up faster. Unfortunately they can be tricky to control due to severe lack of features (backspill using a single light source, , length of direction indicator is massively annoying, no built in barn doors or directionality control/no smooth falloff creating a sharp line of influence, no camera visibility). Despite all these issues, I prefer by far to use these at least for the diffuse lighting.