not reflecting the world...

How to get my water to reflect the image texture I have applied to world???
Moving the RayMir silder doesn’t help, and it doesn’t stay moved when I move it.
If you have suggestions, please tell me just where to find what I need to work with. I am new to this…


Are you sure that in Scene(F10) the button labeled Ray is clicked? If not, click it.

That seems to be it… thank you rvngizswt…

Whoa, 535 posts, and this is my first thank you.

That is pretty sad, right there!

I agree. This community is ungrateful.

you use an image fo the world texture here

anybody knows if it is possible to use a simple procedural texture and how ?


So click on the Object your going to use for the reflection.
You can then go to the texture button “click it”, then go to
the (texture type Panel) Default is Clouds, then Choose
EnvMap. The settings are set up to capture the surrounding
color lights and objects in the scene, you can fiddle with
the settings on how you want it to be absorbed on a
sphere or flat surface,.:yes:

Once done and satisfied with those settings.
DO you Light Settings, then Camera angle
and Render it. now when it renders it will
capture all the images to be placed onto
your objects faces, so little mini-squares
load quickly if there isn’t much to load.:stuck_out_tongue:

But its useful or you could do it the easy
way and use an image which isn’t seamless
unless you do, a special lighting set up
with high level of ray tracing set at 10 :rolleyes:
which takes hours to load just for light probes…
to be projector onto the mesh.

Best of luck!:o

On the Example Ive given you.
Ive blurred my reflections in the
Ray Mirror setting-lower the gloss to 0.8
the itll be a fuzzier reflection or you
can leave it to be a sharp reflection.


well not really working with proc teture

i can add some mirror to abject and see other object but not the Env map
from the world around with a cloud texture !

can you load up a simple blend file
i’ll be able to see it work and try to understand it form there

Thanks and happy 2.5