Not-Render a Wireframe?

I am attempting a scene where one object needs to remain a wireframe. Is there a means to except one object in a scene from being rendered or do I have to accomplish this in post?

you could set the material settings to wireframe :slight_smile:
and leave the rest solid

Casio23, Thank you very much! I am only beginning my fourth month with Blender so your answer is extremely helpful.

As an aside, the modeling is no problem: I spent decades working in CAD and later in Rhino and Solidworks. Blender’s modeling tools are top notch. It’s all of the other bits; texturing, lighting, etc. that are taking some time.

nah, its no problem :slight_smile:
i’m probably your opposite as i find modelling near-impossible
if you’re into wireframe why not try freestyle renderer? but i cant get it to work :stuck_out_tongue: