Not render object?

If tehres an object, I want to say, use as a guide or something, is there a way I can make Blender NOT render it?

Or at least make it invisible.

Layers are your friend.

On the toolbar for the 3D window, you will see 20 little buttons. Each of those is a layer. Click one to view it. Shift+Click to view more than one at a time. The ~ key views all at once. While in object mode, with an object selected, hit M and you can move that object to whichever layer you wish. They are extremely useful for organizing your file.

Which ever layers are NOT turned on when you render will be hidden.


Okay, wlel, what I’m trying to do is make a softbody object to sort of ‘hit’ the invisible guide. Can this be done with layers?

If you bake the softbody collision then you should be able to move the object to another layer but you can also just give the object you don’t want to render a transparent material. Just turn the alpha down to zero.

Also be sure that ZTransp is turned on in the material settings.