Not rendering active camera

Hi all, I’m using Blender for some month now and I’m stuck with a strange problem which is, I’m sure some setting which I can’t find.

I have a couple of cameras in my model, however I’m only able to render the first one I created. I defiantly have the second camera activated however it will always render the first camera.

In the side bar Scene Properties the camera always changes back to the first camera when I execute the render image (F12) command. Even so the camera was set to use camera 2.

When I move the first camera around it will change the image.

There must be an over write some where in the file, I moved to a different PC with the same result. Which proves it is a file setting rather than an application setting.

I’m using 2.92.

Any help would be appreciated

I worked it out! it was in the ANIMATION TIMELINE. There is an option for Maker which is symbolized by a small camera icon below the animation timeline. Some how I managed to insert a marker without knowing I did. I’m using the saved view add-on which has a button which allows to insert these markers.

I hope it will help someone…