Not Rendering HELP!!!

I am following the 2010 Blender Training series and am on the second materials and textures video and when I try to render it loads but when it’s done all I see is a grey grid and nothing else. Could someone help me/

A little more information would be helpful, maybe a .blend or something like that. Right now I can’t be certain what problems you’re coming across, what Blender version you’re using, vid card, and the like.

Sorry, I am using Blender 2.53 I’m not sure how to get my computer specs. I’m pretty sure that my computer can handle it. Here is the .blend (it was too big to put as an attachment, so I had to upload it to mega upload)

Thanks for helping

Downloaded your blend, pressed the render button without any changes and got this

I just reopened my file and pressed render and it rendered :smiley: Yay. Weird. Anyway thanks for your time helping me :slight_smile: