Not rendering objects despite showing in material view

Hello guys,

yes, I am new to blender and maybe make a lot of mistakes. I have already search through so many posts and have unfortunately not found my solution, maybe you can help.

I want ot create a still image of a 3D hedge maze. The shape I premade as SVG. I created a mesh from it and used a premade (giveaway) bush from another creator as object for my particle system.

Now in material view everything seems fine and the object shows as wanted. Also if I render the layer of the bush separately, it is displayed correctly. But when I render the whole hedgemaze, it just turns out as the image… I thought that maybe depth was not set correctly, but color is not right, either, so that is propably not related (should be green).

btw i can only upload 1 photo and no blender file.

You can upload a blend file to and post the link to it here. Also, if you are going to post a screenshot, we’ll need to see the entire interface. There is no way we can tell what is going on by looking at the final output like that. We aren’t psychic.

If I were to make a psychic guess, then I’d say “Maybe you don’t have the maze set to render”:

Oh, and make sure you pack all your textures into your blend file first (File > External Data > Pack all into .blend).

Hello zanzio, thank you very much for the detailed info.
I have packed the textures according to your description and uploaded the file.

So far I rechecked and found that the particle system of the bush (layer 2) is not included in the render of the curve.

My desired output would be something like this ( I have not come up with a better idea at making that hedge than with a bush model ).