Not saving corectly


Since my last windows 7 update, I can’t seem to get my current blend files to save properly. I open the files and they are not saved with the newest changes made. It almost seems like it is being saved a few steps backwards. So I have to re assemble the pieces again but then it still won’t save the last changes. I opened up a few other older blend files and these to are not saved as they were.

I thought maybe my computer reverted back to another save date and time but this is not the case as well.

Any ideas? Here is my last blend file that wont save correctly after moving things around. See if it saves correctly for you.


ClearancePoleDetail2.blend (184 KB)

If you try to move NOT keyframed things around they do save correctly (as do the keyframed ones too i guess, they just fall back where animation says them to). Try saving on different position in Timeline.