not-so modern

Lot’s of posts with modern bathrooms… well, here’s a not-so modern one :slight_smile:

Critiques welcome! Thanks in advance!

im getting some feedback from others; and confirms what I suspected. That toilet is too disgusting… currently re-rendering with a newly painted texture. to post shortly!

yes, the toilet is in an unpleasant state - however, I think it is done well, but it doesn’t fit the scene, and I wouldn’t expect to see one in that condition considering the state of the other items in the scene.
Some chips broken off the cover of the toilet tank would be more likely than all the green mold on it.

The fragments on the floor seem large.

Make the door on the small cabinet not properly aligned, maybe hanging on one hinge.

The pieces on the ground are too big and too bright. For the rest of the picture I hope that there was no real reference photo. :wink:

Alright! Thanks. Fixed and put in finished projects :slight_smile: