(not so off topic) free sound effects and musics

I’m not pretty sure if this is the proper place o ask about this… but the other parts of the forum also didn’t seam to mach it perfectly…

Is there any thread whit links to places were i can find any free sound effects and musics to use on animations?

I saw something about sound effects on the game engine section but was not made whit free stuf…

One place is www.flashkit.com

The Recordist has some free sound FX.

Creative commons music… some allow sampling and re mixing


freesound :: home page
The Freesound project has tons of sounds, but bear in mind that they’re not totally free. They are protected by a Creative Commons license and their use is subject to certain restrictions.

Thant is a great site Plant person :slight_smile:

Here is a free way to convert the sounds, and music

i use it to generate completely new sounds too…
I recomend using WAV or OGG… seems like MP3 comes with a long list of restrictions and patents.

freesound is a great resource, which will only improve as more people donate their samples. if you have some good recordings of sounds, or sounds that you have designed, please register, and add them to the freesound archive!

well… this will help a lot!

tank’s everyone!