"not so simple interior" WIP

Hi all,

this is a wip i’m currently working on.
it’s a scene by Bertrand Benoit (BdB).

i’m using it as a test scene during my development of the alpha9 python exporter for lux,
as it’s not made by me so it’s good test material.

a lot of materials use various maps on diffuse, specular and bump channels.
i think the textures are still a bit too dark & dull looking though,
i’m working on a gamma correction system.

it’s lit by an EXR env map, and i added some bloom (maybe a little bit too much ?)

comments welcome :wink:



Your textures are fine imho. If you make them bright-er your image might look kinda flat. Try to add some contrast to the final image. You can also try to reduce the bloom a bit (doesn’t look bad as is but…). Gr8 image!

Beautiful render!

How did you achieve that bloom effect? It seems a great deal more realistic than your standard postpro Glow.

Haven’t I seen this somewhere else before :wink:

Love Lux by the way, finally got it to work for me. I’ll post some work once I get something good, I’m too picky with my own work. :smiley: