Not so simpler

Is there a way to do this by clicking on a single button?
E don’t work correctly when extruding inside!

Personally achieve in two steps, three if you want to remove doubles.

Step 01 : extrude face inward with ctrl maintain to snap to the middle edge
Step 02 : Delete extra vertex ( don’t take account of changing face to vextex selection mode)
Step 03 : Remove doubles.

If someone can do it faster, thanks for sharing…

How about this:

  • ‘k’ (knife tool)
  • cut from center of one face to corner, then to center of perpendicular face, Enter
  • ‘k’
  • cut from second perpendicular face to corner, Enter
  • select corner vertex
  • snap to cursor (assuming it’s still at the center of the cube)
  • switch to Edge Selection Mode
  • select the three diagonal edges
  • ‘x’ and dissolve edges

It’s not fewer steps, but it’s pretty quick.

Ok, I understand.
So I believe there is no existing method to do this as simply as simple extrude outward…

1- place 3D cursor at center (should already be there if you created the cube)
1a- Select those 3 faces
2- Extrude and apply , no distance needed
3- Merge at cursor

Select corner vertice.
Crtl select 3 on top.
Extrude z, ctrl snap to middle.
select 4th vertice

I’ve also find a method with inset face but nothing very simple. I’ve seen sketchup video where people do this in one step and I hope it was possible in blender…

If you want to achieve exactly this mesh, with mathematical precision, then as far as I know you’ll have to go through several distinct steps, removing the unwanted faces, establishing the center-point, and building out the necessary edges and faces.

If you wanted to more-generally achieve “a shape like this,” there are many sculpting tools that could be used.

Yes , I don’t want to achieve exactly this mesh, but this type of operation
Only for hard surface modelling so no sculpting tools.

My method (requires Bmesh:ba:):

  1. select corner vertex

  2. delete->dissolve (vertex mode)

3.Connect the two bottom verts using vertex connect (J)

  1. Subdivide the resulting edge.

  2. select point in the middle of the edge and snap to top vert…then check the constrain transformation check boxes x & y

  3. Then with the same vertex selected select the top vertex as well and do vertex connect (J)

This takes all of 20 seconds.

If you didn’t quite understand all what I said here is a video showing the technique:

Wao, I’m not expecting we can achieve the result this way. Hope one day the developper offer us a one step way to do this because with a more complicate mesh all of our techniques are extra stepped for such a simpler operation.

Assuming the cube has just been added at the 3D Cursor position and the origin is in the centre of the cube. Set the pivot point to 3D Cursor.

Select corner vertex Shift-S “Selection to Cursor”

Edit: Scrub that it doesn’t work. The edges are in the wrong place

select the corner vertex, turn on the snap tool to vertex snap, press g, then x and move the cursor to the center vertex in front view, and confirm. press g, y, and move the cursor to the center vertex in the side view, and confirm.

Ok, ignore my last, hit reply before I was finished or tested it, but this works: select the three faces, press ‘y’, scale by -1. turn on snap tool to vertex mode, move into position and remove doubles.

Here is my three steps way if you are interested

I think we have a winner. :slight_smile: Go Damien!

Inset faces, thickness 0, negative depth (-1 for default cube), Alt + M merge at center, select diagonal edges and dissolve :wink:

Or two cubes, Boolean modifier intersect :slight_smile:

Or drag the corner vertex of subdivided cube to the corner’s center, connect it with J (vertex connect) to the center vert of the sides, select diagonal edges and dissolve

Little up after each release (2.64)
No solution?

If the shape is simple You cant try this

then move down

and extrude other parts up

then remove doubles.