Not so vegan...

Hi, everyone!
I made this render in three days, for fun
Everything was made entirely with Blender, rendered with Cycles (5000 samples)
Let me know what you think about it!
Have a nice day!


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Cool idea! Realisation also well. But for best result I want to give some advices:

  • change composition by golden srction rule
  • the fridge looks details but we don’t see it
  • tweak wood shader. Low down normal/bump
  • for plant body use SSS shader
  • for end of hands use parts like on tip of his head
  • & it will be grate if light from fridge will be backlight for plant

Ha,ha,hahahaaa! Like it a lot!

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll try to apply them in my next work!

It’s so funny!! I love it!