(not solved) weight paint + unapplied sub. sur. modifier

Is there any method to weight paint a mesh with unapplied subdivision surface modifier? It looks like it paints only a vertices showed in edit mode skipping those subdivided. It leaves nasty hard edges in result when bending. The character is quite HD. It would be laggy if applied.

It sounds like you have to rearrange the order of modifiers on your mesh. I cannot be sure because you did not supply a screenshot or a blend.

Put the subsurf mod after the armature modifier. The mesh will move with the armature modifier, then be smoothed and subdivided by the subsurf mod. This should give a better result to what you are describing with hard edges when bending. Proper weight painting and topology will also be a factor.

Good luck!

Yes, it seems that’s the case. I didn’t know modifiers’ order is anywise relevant. Thanks!

Sorry, it’s not solved yet. It looks not so simple like it seemed.
Now i’ve reached to the point, where i want to sculpt my model for a facial shape keys. For this i need to apply subdivision surface modifier (right?). To do that i need to apply armature too, otherwise those hard edges from my original post return.
The problem now is when i apply the armature modifier i can no longer move my character with bones. How can i bypass this?