Not sure how to approach this model. SubD or hard surface ?

So I am trying to make a top plate of an item on my desk. I thought it would be easy but the hard edges are really giving me a run.

If I am to make this as a SubD object, how many verts in the circles should I have ?
I have had problems with edgeloops from the sharp corner of the inner circle skewing the roundness of the other circles so I didnt put them.
I tried putting in a crease weight but that is not coming out correctly.

Is it wrong to use OpenSubDiv and Adaptive and creasing at the same time ?

I used the Edge split mod but that just rips apart my model with SubD is added.

All of the edges are also hard beveled.

I will continue fighting this. Its only 3am.
Any tips you have would be great thanks :slight_smile:


Could make it as a curve and have the resolution setting to control the amount of geometry

lol. i never even thought of that. I will give it a go and see what results i get.
Thanks very much.

Are you able to put a chamfer on the curve ?

Okay, I solved my little issue.
I was creasing the edge but not the supporting rings which was giving me wonky SubD results.

So after deleting the bottom half, I re-extruded it and then applied a bevel to the outer edge. I got the bevel width it as close as the inner loops as possible then used REMOVE DOUBLES and set the threshold high enough for the new verts to merge with the old loop/bevel cuts.
I think this is where I went wrong in the first place.

Its so nice to overcome such a mindfrig like this and get exactly the result I was after.
Not bad for 326 faces all up.
Many thanks to @JA12 for pointing out another way of tackling the model.