Not sure how to model a grill for an electric motor


I’m creating an electric motor for a project I’m working on and I’m stuck on the grill. I’m not sure how to model circular slots into a mesh. Anyone have any ideas?

Hi :), I can do a quick video if you want (not the best at doing the picture tutorials), or do you just want pointing in the right direction?

**Oh nevermind, someone’s done a great job beneath me anyway.

Probably not the best way, but a very simple one, try this :

-Add a Circle, press F6 and change the “fill type” to Triangle Fan

  • Press I (to insent) this and type 0.85 , enter or click to validate you should obtain :

  • press CTRL+R (to loop cut) and type 10 , enter or click to validate

  • delete vertices so you’re only left with this :

  • in face selection mode, select those faces and delete them

  • in vertices selection mode press K , put the knife there

  • press C to constraint and cut like this

  • similarly, we do other cuts like this (select one of the central vertice , look at screenshot to see which one, press K then C and move the knife to cut)

  • in face selection mode, select those faces and delete them

  • in Object Mode add a mirror modifier, axis to X (it should be by default) and click on Apply

  • add another mirror modifier, axis to Y this time, and click Apply, you should have

  • add a subdivision surface modifier to round your holes :

That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Sanctuary, Thank you :smiley:

another way would be to use the spin dyp tool
subdivide as you need and per segment make a complete section includng the rounded part in the back
then do a spin dup function of segment needed

happy blendering

You should compile and post all your Tutorials in one place. They are very informative for every one.

I considered it as i can see this kind of detailled posts being usefull, but in the same time it’s usually for very specific questions and so not being generalist enough i don’t think then it would work well as tutorials.

you got a valid point there. Thanx from all of us :slight_smile:

but also depends on motor type
i did one for what we call here a TEFC industrial motor

happy blendering

Thanks again for the awesome tut. It worked perfectly! Here is my WIP of the motor.

Your model looks very good !

The motor is finished

Here is the reference photo I used.