Not sure if this belongs here or not: Addons

Can anyone recommend any useful " preferably free " addons for blender? just anything to make some of the simpler tasks take less time, and if you know of any just really cool ones i would love to check those out as well.

Search! Use basic, most underrated skill.
Blender Addons

Also, it’s of utmost importance & highly appreciated, if you know your path, your goal - what is that you’re looking for.

Well I can search all day, and I have quite a bit. I find some interesting things along the way. But people with the experience you guys have always have a go to of sorts… And like the first of my post, im really not sure how to search for recommendations any other way than this :wink:


Hi fellow human being that I’m not going to be a dick to for no reason! Welcome to! I would KINDLY recommend using the search function for such broad questions in the future. Not a big deal though, amgio. It’s not like you pissed in my corn flakes or anything. friendly chuckle
But since you already asked, and I’m already typing, well I guess there’s no harm in sharing…


Anyway Mjarrett1985, here are a few general add-ons I know of. There are more specific tools I like to use, but these are useful tools I didn’t know I needed (read: Didn’t know to search for.) until I stumbled upon them. I believe all of them are preloaded with Blender, so you can read about and activate them under Edit > Preferences > Add-ons:
Node Wrangler
Auto Tile Size
Texture Atlas
Import Images as Planes
Dynamic Context Menu

The ones I find quite handy are: loop tools, F2, UV align, TinyCAD, Multi-Edit, OscuartTools, and Texture Atlas. Of course there’s others, but for purpose of 3D modeling and getting stuff mapped, those are hard to beat. Also sometimes Bsurfaces, although that caters more towards retopo than the usual workflow I do.

Of course what people like and use their add-ons for varies. So in turn YMMV.

Thank you very much, i will have to go check some of these out as soon as possible…

My path and my goal are the same im afraid… To find out what you guys find useful. Im sure i will find some of them useful as well and maybe also even be able to ask some of you for tips on using it seeing as it is an addon of your choice. Sorry for the miscommunication