Not sure if this is easy or hard...


I am wondering if Blender has the ability to render 3d graphs of sort. I have an area created by the difference of two equations as shown below:

I want to create a 3d object of this in Blender. The area in red needs to be rotated around the x-axis. Is this possible in Blender?


that would be done with python, which i know practically nothing about…
try posting in the python&plugins sub-forum :slight_smile:

the other option would be to trace it by hand, using an image as a background (look on the blender wiki if you don’t know how to do that)
you could use a bezier curve, and then convert it to a mesh, using alt-c,
or use a mesh with subsurf. (blender wiki to the rescue, once again)

Is this what you want?



That’s kind of what I am looking for , but if you can visualize the object shown from my pic it would be just a 3D version of the red part.

So the object would be sort of like a solid cone with a round head and spheric base, of that makes sense.


I’ll try there. Thanks!