Not sure if this is the right thread but question about WarCraft 3 and making objects

The War Craft 3 Game not WOW though that may be the same. Yet in War Craft 3 you can customize a character but you have to use a already made model that they have. Can you make and export a model from blender and use that?

yes. but you need to convert the file(s) to somthing that ur game can read. find a 3d model in the game files and see what type of file its under. its most likly a BIN file. then u need to replace the a mesh file of a weapon and replace it with the new mesh and name it the same as ther file of the original file. then go into weapon stats file woth notepad and change the damage characteristcs of that weapon if u wish. then you need to find that weapon that it was.
unfortinatly or fortinatly your weapon will not show up as the new mesh online for others to see. only you can see the new mesh. the other online players will just see the original weapon. but when others carry the original changed sword, you see it as ur new sword.
the changed damage characteristics of the weapon will work online. making so u can have a high level sword or greater at level 1. if u choose a low level sword to change. i recommend using a weapon that is seen often and not hard to find

Thanks now the hard part is finding where the program saved the models. It would be fun to have my own low poly character as one of my custom character’s. You can already change stats using the world Edit program. Its just you can’t change the model itself. You just have to use one of there own. So it will be fun to have my own custom made character Thanks.