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I would like to make an aquarium like the serene screen aquarium. SS has collision detection, A.I. the fish move like this, there is a straight fish and a bent fish, then the program makes the inbetween frames so the fish move smoothly, it’s called skinning ot tweening. Directx does this. My question can this be done as i described with Blender?


Yes. There’s more to it than what you’ve described, but it should be possible. The AI shouldn’t be too complex and I’m not sure collision detection is necessary. I’ve never seen fish “bump” into each other, they’re usually much to agile for that. What you’ll need to do is do some homework on some simple “flocking” behavior and figure out how to apply that in the GE.

yeah you can… in 3d though it’s called keyframing (inbetweening is used by 2d programs… which are pretty limited compared to 3d apps)… you can create bones (called armatures in blender) that have mesh skinning… as in they deform the mesh as in the model you want to animate (fishes)… and you can script AI in python… not too sure what you mean by “direct X can do this”… ? Direct X is just a microsoft graphics API… blender uses opengl

…it also has a dynamic rigid body system that can be used in the GE… though you don’t really need that to animate fish unless you want them swimming into each other or the ground…? you could just play animations in blender in the GE… there are a lot tuts out there that will give you the basics. There is a feature list of what functions blender can do on the blender website and the wiki…

The animation I mean is real time and the fish are never in the same place twice so it is not tradional animation.


u make like an aquarium sim right?

that might be cool to see ill have to play with blender see if i cant coem up with anything useful for ya

check out download the demos to get a feel for waht I ma looking for.