not sure what, but it's cool!>updated with GIMP brushes

Blender and GIMP

Cool, indeed. Looks like it could be a magazine cover or something…

Which parts are Blender and which parts are Gimp?


well i modelled the head and took the screenshot in blender, also modelled and rendered those widgets in the background in blender, but then i turned those renders ( with alpha channel ) into an image pipe in GIMP, and ‘sprayed’ them on in the configuration you see them in now. then after applying the head, I did a color to alpha, on the head layer, and applied some ‘script-fu’ ( one of the ‘alpha to logo’ options, can’t remember which ). so I’d say I used them about equally.

Great work :smiley: Could we see a render of the back ground with out the head? It looks awesome.

sure, but I’ll see how large the image pipe file is,…maybe i can just put that up and you can spray one out ( if you have the GIMP )
<edit> ok, just put these 3 .gih files in your GIMP brushes directory and spray away. ( looks best if you do a layer, adjust brightness, then spray another on top of the darkened one. )

Oh, its gimp, lol. I thought it was done with blender :expressionless: I don’t use gimp, I use photoshop…so yeah, lol. :smiley: Great work :wink:

I use photoshop too but that’s no reason not to get GIMP. I could not have made this with photoshop. %|

Nice stuff!

I downloaded the zip and opened it up the gih files in Gimp
and i can’t really see what you did because it’s so fricken small. %|

you have to put them in your GIMP folder in the same folder that all the other brushes are in. Then when you reopen GIMP, that brush will appear in the brushes menu.

My my! Quite neat. Can we see a pre-pped version? I’m quite impressed.


Nice to see that artistic side of you coming out!

Can we see a pre-pped version?

thanks guys, and sure, there’s already one up,…i’ll dig up the thread in a bit, i can’t really recall what i entitled it.

What were the original sizes before you turned them into brushes?

I rendered them that size in blender, as pngs, then in GIMP, just pasted them all into one document as layers, then saved as gih. so, same size. a bunch of very tiny blender renders. with image pipes, i don’t think you can adjust the size that the image sprays out as, just the opacity, and frequency ( steps ).
<edit> btw, awhile back, I left a thread in the other software forum entitled: “how to make an image pipe with gimp and blender” (something like that )