Not sure what I'm doing wrong

Ok, so a little background. I’ve been trying to slowly break myself into blender, however tonight (because of a crash with Adobe Flash and problems with windows 7) I’ve gotten an extreme crash course with the program. Now I’m in the process of rigging my second model, the first I’ve ever built from a single shape, and I can’t seem to get it to attach to the bones anywhere but the center.

I have screenshots.

Parent/Child relationships are already set up for the skeleton. It’s a bit crude, but it could do the job.

However when I try to child a part of the body to the skeleton, it doesn’t work. I’ve tried bone heat and creating custom vertex groups named after my Armatures. Nothing seems to be working. Did I do something wrong?

You must understanding the process .
See - Blender and MakeHuman .
Will see how to set custom vertex with armature.

Thank you, but that created a new problem.

Now, when I separate them like that (I separated my joint groups) it completely cuts those body parts off. You can see the hollow insides. Am I doing it wrong?