Not sure what to call it yet.....

Working on this thing atm:

Not sure what to call it, but modeling is basically done. Gonna do some minor mesh tweaks and some sculpting. Then onto textures.


Looks like an alien to me and something with atleast two personalities. You don’t happen to have any concept art that you can share with us? :slight_smile: Or is it one of those out of my mind things?

Edit: I didn’t read your post properly so I asked a stupid question. :slight_smile:

looks like a fanstay creature. great work!!

Looks interesting.
I can think of a few things you could call this:

Fancy dress.
Talking head(s).
Ghost minded.
Dream date.

I love the subliminality of this piece. I see a good guy, a bad guy, and… a stretched piece of chewing gum. Hence, the title which comes to my mind instantly is “Chewing gum personality disorder”.

wow, looks great, it would be a nightmare to animate though :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it looks like a two headed alien trying to disguise as a human but can’t get the mask to fit on his head(s). Great Job!!

Looks like a Flooloobooloob to me.

Superb work, as always, BgDM. That is one very unique looking creature!

In terms of the title, I was thinking something along the lines of The Merger or Nuptials or Convergence could have some potential in my mind.

Such a title could both describe what I think is the most interesting aspect of the seemingly two-in-one creature and also make the viewer wonder about the underlying story, maybe even what the creatures were like before such a merging took place.

I could imagine the lower set of eyes looking up, hinting at a distinct yet united entity.

Another direction might be to play up the veiled aspect. Veiled, Thinly or The Unveiling could have some potential as well.

Anyways, I will be eagerly watching this one develop! :slight_smile:


You scare me. Maybe call it “Inside Myself”