Not sure what to do with this

Hmm… not sure If I’m gonna go anywhere with this, but if anyone can suggest anything to do with it, great. If not, well, I didn’t expect anything anyway.

Oh, and C&C – but don’t rip it because it’s simple. It is a W .I.P. (maybe an R.I.P, but hey) after all.


Wow, that’s so damn kool, good work. I can see that being a background of some sort. Looks very good.

wow man amazing…mind sharing the material with us :smiley: PLEASE!

Here are the mat settings (Warning big image)


thanks alot :slight_smile:

I have some wallpaper sized ones, but I can’t post because I’m about to leave on vacation for about a week. I might post tommorow. In the mean time, any more C&C before I call this finished?