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Hello everyone, it’s my first post on this forum, just want to share a little game I just finished.
Here is a few screenshots for you to see how it looks like:

I made everything (2 months, everyday), except the sounds which are from, I learned basics of Python to program it, I had never code anything before this so the code is surely not optimised but I tried to keep it organised as much as I could.

I will post a few more screenshots, the .blend file and the standalone (Mac, linux and windows) in another post. If you want to use some assets or scripts for your own game, or improve mine, you’re free to do what you want. The game runs perfectly on my MacBook Pro (mid 2014, 2.6 GHz intel core i5, 8GB 1600 MHz, Intel iris 1536 MB), there’s no textures, low poly style. The environment is a bit empty cause I didn’t want to spend too much time on modelling stuff, I’ve made this to improve my programming skills.

The game is a bit hard (survival FPS), you have an enigma to resolve (not very complicated but not obvious, it’s about the four elements, earth, water, air and fire), spiders are here to kill you, there’s a limited amount of ammo on the map so don’t take too much time to resolve the mystery. There is no save function, if you die you restart from the beginning, the pause menu does NOT pause the game, so there’s no cursor, you select with the arrows and press return.

You can choose in the main menu if you want to play with a qwerty keyboard, by default it’s azerty (I’m French). There is an achievement to unlock, I’ve put the description of it in the main menu.

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Here are 2 more screenshots and a video teaser:

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Download links:

Windows 64 :


Linux 64:

That’s all, I hope you’ll enjoy the game, don’t hesitate to give me some feedback if you try it, cause even if I won’t continue to develop this game, I d like to know what you think about it and that’s why I’m posting this.

As I said in my precedent post, I had no experience in programming before that, this is the first game I make so, of course, it’s far from perfect, but I’m pretty satisfied of the result, so I 'll keep making some little games probably with Unity.

Sorry for English mistakes, I’m French.
Thanks for reading

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Lokking good. Can’t wait to try your game!

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The .blend file:

and it seems that the links in the previous post didn’t work: