Not Unwrapping As expected or as videos show

Not Unwrapping. I dont want to put any kind of image on the ends I want it on the sides of pole.
I want to place the graphic on the sides of this object not on the ends. How to I tell blender to do this and why do the videos show it to work differently ?


notunwrapping.blend (698 KB)

What video? Also how about you try going into face select mode, inverting the selection and then unwrapping instead?

Its because I did not select the whole object after I marked the seams. I answered my own question.

Ok wait huh do what ? Go to face select mode, Are you refering to when I select the seams or when I unwrap ? then I select it with face select mode then I CTRL-I
Ok I tried that and it just unwrapped what I wanted.

Felix_Kütt Thank you !