(not viable)Color trick

Well this ll be probably hard to make but here it is:

I want to make an object tthat is forward close to the camera to allways produce the collor that is the inverse of any collor on the back, so it ll be like that.

Camera — a plane that ll inverte the color behind it( not the whole screen -------------BG

well if there are anyone that knows how to do it and could share It ll be great, thanks!

I think that this is probably very hard to achieve or not viable, I work something out for my game, thanks for who read the thread sorry about the trouble.

It’s possible, but it depends on how you want to achieve it. I’m not exactly certain on how to do it, but it’s definitely possible. I think you have to look into 2D filters and reading a texture that you’re writing with the bge.texture module. You might need to use a 3D GLSL shader or raw OpenGL (not a 2D filter) to do this.

Leonnn, don’t discount this so quickly; Do you want the plane to be transparent, but invert the colors of the objects behind it?
If so, there is likely a way:
You’d get the screen position of the vertices of the plane relative to the camera (the camera-space, and therefore pixel space representations of the bounds).
Then use a GLSL shader to invert the RGB colors of the objects within the bounds, similar to a point in polygon idea.
I don’t use GLSL that much, but if SolarLune were to offer his input, i’m sure this would be possible.

SolarLune. I mentioned you before you posted on my screen. For goodness sake, are you telepathic!? :slight_smile:

I let that go because I had a lot of other things to care about, isnt was about the lack of replyes I really considered this issue kind of complex so I tought that this would take too mutch time to be implemented.

Thanks a lot for the help agoose and solarlune.