Notebook Hardware suggestions? Is an SSD worth it?

The harddisk of my notebook seems to die after 2 years / 11000 hours…so I m looking for a replacement notebook.

Question: I am doing lots of math / geometrical calculations with Blender, and they often run for hours. Filesizes are around 100 MB. And I like to do several in parallel. I don’t do simulations and rendering with the notebook.

Is it worth getting an SSD harddisk then? Would this speed up the work/calculations?

Don’t think so.

But nonetheless: I’d say that a SSD is always worth it. The speed gain in everyday use (starting software etc.) is massive, the whole system feels “snappier” and much more responsive. Once you learned to enjoy that, you will most likely never want to go back to conventional HDDs again.

Calculations (CPU/GPU) won’t be faster, except when swapping data from disk.
The whole system speeds up, consumes less power - gets longer life.