Notebook Lenovo Y900

Is that notebook ok for blender?

yes it is ok.

Hi, this looks good but don´t expect wonders from mobil PC compare to real desktop.
The GTX 900m series are fine, a lot of RAM and a fast SSD should be good for Blender but is really a lot of money.

Cheers, mib

Thanks for your replies. But I think for this money, maybe it is overpowered :smiley: But if I buy a desktop one, which GPU is durable and fast rendering for a long time for blender?

Hi, the GTX 980Ti 6GB is very cheap at moment, new 10x0 series is on market.
The 10x0 is not full optimized in Blender and the 1080 is expensive.
If you can get one take a 980Ti 6 GB.

Cheers, mib

THanks for replying!

I found something else.

Itis not a notebook, but this configuration with 980Ti and the I7 seems better than the lenovo.